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How do I sign up to Flexy Moov?
Get in touch using the form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours to design the offer most suited to you.
How much does it cost?
Get in touch so that we can define your needs together: we’ll send you the pricing based on this.

A company can choose to make the service free for its users or charge them for it: this is one of the options we’ll look at with you.

What type of vehicles are on offer?
Flexy Moov offers a wide range of electric vehicles: cars (such as Renault Zoe, an electric Smart, BMW i3, or any other model), motor scooters, E-bikes and scooters.

Customize your offer in line with your needs and we’ll set up a Flexy Center with its vehicles in your car park.

Who can use the service?
Any employee of a company who has signed up to the Flexy Moov service can use it, if the contract between the company in question and Flexy Moov allows for this. To find out more, please read the T&C in the application; they are unique to each company.
How is a Flexy Center set up?
Once you have signed a contract with Flexy Moov, we come to your premises to decide where to install the Flexy Center and review what preparation work will be necessary. Access to electricity is essential for example.
We then ask our partners to install the equipment, decoration and vehicles. Then we create your dedicated platform in the application.
There is an average of six weeks between the first launch meeting and the start of the service.
Can a Flexy Center be removed from a car park?
Once the minimum term period is over, a Flexy Center can be removed from a car park without extra cost.
If a contract is terminated during the minimum term period, outstanding amounts are due.
How can I open an account for the users in my company?
The users in your company can create their account in three clicks within the application, by entering their work e-mail address and following the instructions.

We can confirm that users belong to your company on the basis of the domain name of their e-mail address or of a list that you have provided us with.


Can an account be opened without a driving license?
It is entirely possible to open an account without a driving license if you want to rent a bike, scooter or motor scooter.
A driving license is obligatory to rent a car. Before reserving a car, users must add their driving license to their personal information.
What safety equipment is supplied?
We provide helmets, hairnets and hi-vis vests for the rental of bikes, scooters and motor scooters.
How do I contact Flexy Moov Help?
Do you have a problem or question? We’re here to help!

A chat feature is directly accessible in the app and available according to the timeslot defined by the company. We can also provide telephone assistance during this same time slot: the telephone number can be found within the app.

What are the T&C?
The T&C are unique to your company We will write them according to your needs and users will have to accept them when creating their account.
Where did Flexy Moov come from?
Flexy Moov was born of a number of observations. Mobility has become one of the major challenges facing our urban environments – pollution, congestion, public health, cost, the right to mobility for all. However, private cars are significantly underused and parking spaces are almost impossible to find, whilst many private car parks are half-empty.

Flexy Moov makes better use of these car parks with its app-based customized vehicle sharing solution.  It makes mobility far more flexible, whether going to work using your preferred form of transport or having guaranteed access to a vehicle for your business travel during the day.

The idea sprung from a working group within Bouygues SA, which then turned into a genuine intrapreneurship project. In total, around 100 employees from the Group’s subsidiaries contributed their expertise and ideas, and, in March 2019, this collective project found practical expression with the creation of Flexy Moov.

Where can the service be used?
Users can go wherever they want – as long as they bring the vehicle back to the Flexy Center where they got it from by the end of the day.
Where can the cars be parked?
If you need to stop on the way, you can park your car on any parking space, as long as you have the legal right to do so, and on parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles.

At the end of the trip the car must be parked and connected in the parking space in the Flexy Center.

Where can bikes and scooters be parked?
If users need to stop on the way they can use the lock provided.  Bikes and scooters must be parked in the places reserved for them and should be not left on the pavement.

At the end of the trip you must park your scooter or bike in the docking stations of the Flexy Center where you got it from.


What safety precautions must I take?
All users of vehicles must of course comply with the Highway Code at all times.

When riding a bike or a scooter, you must wear a hi-vis vest at night and we highly recommend that you wear a helmet always. The use of headphones or earphones is strictly prohibited. You must use cycle paths.

Helmets must be worn when using motor scooters.

The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited when using cars, scooters and bikes.